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 Mental Health Assessment for Maryland's frontline workers
Receive your confidential results immediately without any fees or signing up. You choose whether to submit your results or to keep them for yourself. It only takes 5-7 minutes!
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First Responders
Who Benefits?
The consultations is designed for doctors, nurses, hospital custodians, janitorial and other hospital secretarial staff, EMT, firefighters, police officers, and more.

Your physical and emotional wellbeing is important due to the level of work stress which can result in burnout and other mental health problems.
Your Wellbeing
Operation Courage has been designed with the goal of education, screening, intervention, prevention and the maintenance of one's overall wellbeing by removing barriers, discouraging stigma, empowering open discussion about mental wellbeing, focus on self-help and knowing when to seek assistance with mental health experts.

Our assessment only takes 5-7 minutes to complete.
Free and Confidential
The consultations is free. Financial assistance is available to those in need. Discounted rates will be provided for those who are uninsured.

The consultation is 100% confidential. You may choose whether to submit the results or keep them to yourself.

The assessment and results are 100% secure. We use the latest encryption-base technology.
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These self-assessments are NIMH validated assessment tools aimed at capturing Depression, Anxiety, Acute stress and PTSD.

We can connect you with a counselor via audio and video chat to create an individualized wellness plan and to match you with referrals and community resources.

Forge Forward Into the Future

Our vision is to become a national leader in the behavioral health sector, providing the best and latest care through our state-of-the-art clinics to those who need it the most: our first responders. We are always focused on our core tenets and values:

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We want to help those who need it most.

While most of the general population were mandated to stay at home to enforce social isolation, one group was asked to step up, overcome the same fears and face the medical complications of COVID-19--our first responders. This population is not immune to the consequences of the pandemic. In fact, the proximity with which they had to face COVID-19 makes them a high risk group to develop COVID-19, but also Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Anxiety Disorders and Depressive Disorders or Major Depression in the population.
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The Operation Courage Process

Do you have a team of professionals currently working with you?

Are you feeling helpless, insecure, restless, or as if you went over the edge? You are not alone. Many of us feel this way daily due to the fear of the unknown and our inability to have control over our environment. Although it is unnerving, we must accept the situation and gain insight into one’s struggles. Awareness is essential for us to embrace the reality to plan for the next phase.
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Because of the culture of first line workers to not disclose or speak openly about their own personal mental health needs, we realize that there is a need to discuss mental health. Take the free, confidential, 5-7 minute assessment to see if you could benefit from working with us. This is perfect for hospital staff such as janitors, clerks, other essential workers who may feel marginalized and have been impacted by the pandemic, and are forced to handle infected or exposed materials.